Q: The racks are intended for shuttling burly downhill bikes up mountain roads...how do they fair on long trips?

AThey are just fine for long trips, but since the racks design holds by the tire, we strongly recommend giving the front tire a spin every other restroom stop or so. Another option is to just throw a cloth or cardboard between the tires sidewall and where it contacts the basket at the lower part of the basket. This prevents any dust or mud from wearing into the sidewall.  

Q: How do I load the rack?

A: Left to right, Tallest axle-to-stem height bikes first(i.e. DH bikes) down to kids bikes. This is just a general guideline, check closely for any brake levers close to top tubes, reposition if necessary.

Q: Why does the bar for the rear tires have a pull pin?

A: This is to allow "ambulance" and side opening rear doors open a bit further should that bar interfere.

Q: Do the racks hold Fat bikes? Road bikes? Kids bikes?

A: Road bikes are not an issue, though we do not recommend leaving your road bike in the rack while shuttling rough back roads.

 We have Kids bike baskets available in the store for 20" and reasonably smaller wheels. If your kids' bike has a suspension fork, it is possible it may fit in a standard basket.

Current basket design doesn't allow for a very attractive basket to accommodate a true fat bike tire....so we are in the process of changing the design completely!

Q: Why aren't the legs of the Rack Stands power coated?

A: Since the stands will be getting slid around on garage floors and potentially sitting in puddles, etc, galvanizing was the choice for longevity and appearance.

Q: Do the Rack Stands hold bikes in the racks at the same time??

A: Yes! BUT.... the R6 is a monster of a rack and may only hold 4-5 bikes since its already pretty heavy.

Q: Are the racks safe to use on the back of an RV since everyone else says no?

A: Do it. While I suggest the fixed sideplates on racks that will only see RV life or simply never need to lay back, the Pivots now have a thru-hole to allow use of a 1/2" pin(not included) to lock out the lay back feature and give you piece of mind while driving your house.

Q: Can I buy the baskets separately to build my own rack?

A: No. Our goal here is to build a strong name in reliability and innovation. Should your homebrew creation fail and be mistaken for a Recon Rack, that is detrimental to our goal. Have something fully custom in mind? Heck yeah, lets hear it! Cant guarantee we will always have the time to build it for you, but you spark our interest and its Game On!

Q: The racks are fairly pricy...why?

A: NO COMPROMISES. Anywhere. We have put a lot of time into not only USA made materials, but locally made materials when possible. There are no parts ordered from catalogs here, everything is custom made to order for Recon Racks spec'd from in-house designs. We only use Grade 8 hardware, USA hardened and tempered steel plate, Nyloc nuts throughout assure nothing comes loose, And then there's just the general AMOUNT of steel we use. No plastic crap. And after sandblasting(a crucial and obvious step that most deem too time consuming and costly) all parts receive a high end industrial duty powder coat.

Q: Why is the rear tire bar shaped like a "C"?

A: Great Question! Designed to fail...? Yes! The nature of our sport puts us directly in harms way. Boulders, trees, ditches...all out to get us. Since our primary concern is the safety and well-being of your bike, it only makes sense that we build in safety features. That lower bar is fairly stout. But back your bike into a tree or boulder and that bar will fold out of the way until you are able to get stopped. Bend the bar back into rough shape and give us a call. So far the boulders are losing with a few bent lower bars and no bike damage!

 And to answer the next question we absolutely sell a replacement bar and we only sell them for cost of materials and shipping to keep you riding and the racks looking fresh! 

Q: You guys keep changing things fairly often...should I wait to purchase when you get the rack dialed?

A: The racks will NEVER be "done." Innovate never imitate. We will keep pushing these things further through their evolution as long as absolutely possible. They are more than "just a bike rack," we prefer them to be considered "Life Racks." We have a lot of plans in store for these things and what they can do for you! There's a sport for every season!